Simple, Gorgeous, Personal Web Sites

I specialize in creating small, beautiful, effective web sites for individuals. I can build something effective on a reasonable budget, and can help you navigate the world of domain names, hosting, and WordPress administration.

My philosophy is that you should be able to edit and maintain your own web site once my work is done. That’s why I work exclusively in WordPress, and include a hand-off tutorial so that you walk away empowered to manage your own site with out needing to know any “tech”.

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Fun, Creative Mobile Apps

My apps for iPhone and iPad inspire the creativity in you.

I am also available to help coordinate your app project. I excel in translating rough app ideas into well-conceived app designs with easy-to-use interfaces, logical feature sets, and visual appeal.

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Personalized Computer Help

Don’t let your computer frighten you!

Knowing just a handful of shortcuts and tips can turn your computer from a dreaded necessity into one of your most powerful creative tools.

As a musician, artist, and a “tech guy” I can explain your computer and programs to you in plain English so that you can get the most out of them.

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Welcome to BeMused Software!

I am a one-person software company specializing in web site design, mobile app development, and computer tutoring and workflow development.  I work almost exclusively with individuals, with a focus on using technology (or helping them use technology) to support their creativity, whether it be in music, teaching yoga, or running their own business.

Please browse around to learn more about me, read about my services, or view my portfolio. Then, if you have a project in mind, contact me so that we can discuss it! I look forward to meeting you.

My Web Site Philosophy

I believe everyone should be empowered to maintain their own web site without having to rely on an "expert"...

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Taming the Table of Contents

Microsoft Word is a powerful but fickle beast. Learn how to master the elusive TOC...

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Case Study: Recreating an Existing Site in WordPress

What if a client is happy with a site, but just wants to be able to update it themselves? How I solved this problem using a customized WordPress theme...

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